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In Support of the “Silenced No More Act"

The “Silenced No More Act” is a proposed bill in California that seeks to protect workers against NDAs and other forms of confidentiality agreements, and empower them to speak out about alleged acts of discrimination, including gender, racial and disability discrimination. If passed, advocates say, the legislation would represent a step forward in the fight for equity and labor rights, with potential nationwide impact in the tech industry given the large number of companies headquartered in California.


Current laws, passed in the wake of the #MeToo movement, allow California workers to speak out about gender-based discrimination cases, opening up the possibility of holding perpetrators accountable, but they do not mention other types of discrimination.




P.S. To learn more, we encourage you to read Ifeoma Ozoma’s powerful Op-Ed in the NY Times.

Name of Recipient : #California State Assembly

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Appreciate all the hard to work to advance this important issue in California.

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